This poetry book is a collection of 21 poems that cover a wide range of themes and styles. From love and passion to the struggles and challenges of life, these poems explore the full range of human experiences. The author's unique voice and perspective bring these poems to life, inviting the reader on a journey through the highs and lows of life. Whether you're a seasoned poetry reader or new to the genre, this book has something for everyone. So why wait? Get your copy today and let the words of Sourav Mukherjee transport you to new heights of emotion and understanding.
Publisher ‏: ‎ Book Leaf Publishing; 1st edition (24 February 2023)
Paperback‏: ‎ 39 pages
ISBN-10‏: ‎ 9357215875
ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-9357215879
Reading age‏: ‎ 10 years and up
Country of Origin‏: ‎ India
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